Trafficking in Person (TIP) Hero-Award 2018 by US Government 2018

Turning Pain into Power: The Evolution from Victim to Survivor to Activist.

Advocacy on Human Trafficking Survivors’ Economic Reintegration Rights

Assist vulnerable communities in safeguarding their wellbeing

Refuse Silence: Speak Up against Human Trafficking

About Us

Sunita Foundation

SUNITA FOUNDATION (SF) is a national level non-profit organization established by the survivors of human trafficking in 2019 AD. Together with peer survivors, the organization is founded and led by Sunita Danuwar, a Trafficking In Person (TIP) Hero-2018. In recognition of her exceptional leadership and her persistent community outreach and engagement with poor and rural communities to prevent human trafficking, and her untiring commitment to protect and empower survivors, she is listed in 36th out of 50 great leaders of the world for her continuous activism in anti-human trafficking campaign (

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Our Executive Board

The dedicated team at the Sunita Foundation consists of passionate individuals who are committed to supporting survivors of human trafficking through survivor-led programs and initiatives.

Sunita DanuwarFounder President

Tara Devi KhanalPresident

Chitra Kumari GhaleVice President

Manisha TamangTreasurer

Muna TamangSecretary

Somo TamangBoard Member

Our Impact

Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Program reached over 10,000 Population in several Communities, Women Networks, Schools and Colleges.

Provided Psycho Social Counseling Services to 60 Trafficking Survivors and Individuals at high risk of Trafficking

Trained 2 Survivors to Psycho Social Counseling, being certified.

Provided Education Support for 26 Survivors and their Children

Provided Economic Support for 9 Survivors of Trafficking

Provided Legal Support to 8 Survivors of Trafficking

Protective Home (Shelter) for 38 Survivors of Trafficking and Individuals at high risk of trafficking.

Re-integrated to Family and urban area for 32 Survivors of Trafficking

Established Employment opportunities for 5 Survivors of Trafficking and Individuals at high risk of trafficking

Provided Health Support for 17 Survivors of Trafficking and Individuals at high risk of trafficking

Repatriation to 1 Survivor of Trafficking.

Our News

The Sunita Foundation consistently makes headlines with its impactful work, shedding light on survivor empowerment, education, and advocacy in the fight against human trafficking.

Featured on Bishwa Limbu Podcast

Sunita Foundation March 25, 2024

Talk about situation of human trafficking in Nepal.

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Mountain TV Interview: Sunita Danuwar speaking on Human Trafficking Realities

Sunita Foundation January 26, 2024

Mountain Television featured an insightful interview with Sunita Danuwar, shedding light on the societal challenges faced by survivors of trafficking. Danuwar emphasized the difficulties in reintegrat...

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A Call to Action: Sunita Danuwar’s Capital FM Podcast Spotlights Human Trafficking Challenges

Sunita Foundation January 26, 2024

In a recent Capital FM podcast, Sunita Danuwar highlighted key causes of human trafficking. She pointed to the lack of awareness, emphasizing that economic struggles often push individuals into traffi...

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