Sunita Foundation January 26, 2024

Sunita Danuwar Inspirational Journey Spotlighted on NHK Japanese Television

In a Powerful Interview on "Direct Talk," Sunita Danuwar, the founder of Shakti Samuha and Sunita Foundation, shared her incredible journey from being a victim of human trafficking to becoming a champion for women's rights. After being forced into prostitution in India, Sunita's determination led her to establish Shakti Samuha in 1996, committed to rescuing and rehabilitating trafficked women in Nepal. Honored with the Ramon Magsaysay Prize in 2013, Sunita works to reshape societal views through educational programs and plays based on survivors' stories.

In 2019, Sunita founded the Sunita Foundation, focusing on economically empowering survivors to stand on their own feet and promoting self-sufficiency. Her inspiring message underscores the transformation of victims into survivors and advocates for a society where everyone competes on an equal footing. Sunita's story stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.